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Clothes4Charity is a fundraising scheme designed to help various UK charities raise their funds while also reducing clothes waste. We collect your donated clothing and spread them throughout UK and the world where people are less able to afford new and shiny apparel. Your donated clothing starts their new life while we generate funds and spread them throughout UK charities. For every tonne of donated clothing via our charity bag collection in London we give £300 for your selected charity or split them among all participating charities. This not only supports those who needs your help, but also helps to solve some environmental issues by reducing carbon emissions.

We are innovators in our field as we have managed to create a computerized system which helps to simplify the process, better understand and choose a charity or organisation that you are willing to make your donation to.

Clothes4Charity pays a lot of attention to local communities as our vision is to support their development by raising funds to local organisations such as sport clubs, hospitals, churches, mosques or any other religious or non-religious communities. We also endeavour people to spend time together and strengthen their relationships and communities by organizing various charitable events and activities. We strongly believe that by maintaining friendly environment and strengthening connections can help us to create a brighter future.