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Wildlife Aid Foundation

All wild animals that come into our care at our Surrey based Wildlife Hospital are treated and rehabilitated completely free of charge. Our aim is to return every animal that is capable of surviving back to its natural environment. Unfortunately, there are still too many occasions when the illness or injury – sometimes deliberately inflicted by man – is so severe that the animal would never be able to survive in the wild. We care deeply about animal health and to be sure that every animal that comes through is completely healthy before being released.

We make sure than an animals welfare is in a good state before releasing them to the wild and in cases where injury has been deliberately inflected by man, we make sure to notify surrounding wildlife shelters and authorities to the possibility of a person or people deliberately harming animals, some cases are pursued and reach a conclusion.

Are you interested by animal care? Then there are several ways you can support the Wildlife Aid Foundation, one of these is taking a look and getting involved with some of our active animal care campaigns under the Get Involved tab. One of our current campaigns is focused on the ever decreasing hedgehog population called “Saving Harry”.

Another way to help the Wildlife Aid Foundation is becoming a part of the foundation by Volunteering or applying for a job. These help us immensely by having more hands to help with our ever increasing workload. You can see some of the amazing people who work with us already down below. Be sure to visit our Volunteers page and working for WAF page.

Finally one of the most important ways that you can get involved with the animals welfare and being sure that our animal care efforts are executed to the maximum power we can use to help sick or injured animals is to visit the adoption pages and adopt an animal such as a fox, deer or a bird of prey. Take a look and adopt an animal which can enable the use of specialist medicines and life saving surgeries.

Here at the Wildlife Aid Foundation we do not believe that it is right to keep any wild animal in captivity and so, heart-breakingly, we allow any such animal the dignity of a peaceful and pain free death in a warm and comfortable environment. But, every day, the care and dedication of our volunteers allows us to see remarkable recoveries where others might have given up.

Read more: wwwwildlifeaid.org.uk